Free Ramy Shaath & terminology – Mazin Qumsiyeh

 As Israeli settlers burn olive trees, attack olive harvesters & steal
harvested olives, the Israeli state continues to demolish homes and
continues to argue that might makes right (Netanyahu blatantly uses that
language). Our messages must be clear. We just issued a call in Arabic
(Palestinian activists) against local and legistlative elections under the
failed Oslo agreements and for reconstituting the PLO as an inclusive body
representing all 13 million Palestinians. We pledge to work hard. Below is
suggested terminology followed by needed action to free Amnesty Prisoner of
Conscience Ramy Shaath from Egyptian jails.

Correct and truthful terminology to use regarding Palestine

Israeli Regime (apartheid/racist system)
Western Asia (as opposed to Middle East)
The Arab world (as opposed to MENA region- Middle East and North Africa)
Palestinian areas occupied in 1948
Palestinian areas occupied in 1967
Israeli Occupied Syrian Golan Heights
Illegally occupied Jerusalem (Capital of the Country of Palestine)
Freedom of speech in ALL areas is sarcosant and should not be subject to
Anti-Zionism is legitimate movement supported by adherents to all religions
(including Judaism) and is totally different than being anti-Jewish,
anti-Muslim, anti-Christian etc.
Zionist colonization of Palestine
Zionist lobby as the strongest foreign lobby that shapes US elections
against US public interest
Colonial movements never end via “two-state solution” – that is a mirage
and a lie for PR invented to help prolong colonialism
Consumerist and capitalist ideology
Resistance is legitimate and legal in contexts of colonization and
oppression (e.g. Palestine)
Freedom fighters (and Palestinian political prisoners)
Martyrs (those who are killed fighting for a just cause like liberation of
Arab governments as quislings for Zionism and imperialism – regressive
forces.  Normalization with apartheid rehgime is treason
Palestinians as indigineous people whose culture and existence are under
threat of annihilation
Nakba (catastrophe) was the ethnic cleansing of Palestine that lead to
destabilizing the region and so much suffering (over 100,000 natives killed)
Implementing right of return to native Palestinian refugees and treating
all people with equality (ie. dismantling racist apartheid laws) is key to
sent to (please write your own letter)

Dear Ambassador
A young and amazing girl by the name of Mariam Shaath volunteered in our
museum and garden (see, part of Bethlehem University,).
Her volunteerism lasted nearly two months but was cut short when she
learned that her father Rami Shaath (he is also son of Palestinain diplomat
Nabil Shaath) was arrested in Egypt on 5 July 2019. His wife Céline
Lebrun-Shaath was arbitrarily deported from Egypt soon after.  He has been
held since then in harsh conditions including inability to see his family
(the main reason is his support of BDS movement against Israel and his
support for freedom in Palestine).  A campaign for his release was delayed
for two months hoping diplomacy helps release him as promised by Egyptian
authorities, The campaign is now picking up steam and he was declared a
prisoner of conscience by Amnesty international ( ) and a letter
circulated in Congress asking for his release (as well as release of other
political prisoners). See also this video of high profile people demanding
his release . Ramy certainly poses no danger
to Egypt. Please relay to your government that we demand Ramy’s release
from prison immediately. His daughter Mariam, his wife Celine, and the rest
of his family seek justice and we all ask for your immediate attention to
this critical matter. Enough is enough.
I await your response and will share this call with over 50,000 people on
my email list


Mazin Qumsiyeh
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