Nothing new under the sun – Mazin Qumsiyeh

This is a message relating to power politics and attempts to destroy human
rights. If not interested in such, please do not read further and wait for
my next message which will be on positive actions for sustainability]

The side-lining and even destruction of democratic forces in the so called
democratic party started with appointing Joe “I am a Zionist” Biden against
the clear winner (Bernie “human rights for Israelis AND Palestinians”
Sanders) and is ended withe appointment of Kamala “I helped Israel” Harris
as Vice President of the corrupt democrat party. Not to be outmaneuvered in
Zionsit groveling, Donald Trum and his Zionist team just announced
normalization between the United Arab Emirate regime (Mohammad Bin Zayed)
and colonial apartheid Israel. This was needed because the more you feed
monsters the hungrier they get so the trashing of international law and
human rights done when the Trump administration blatant support of Israel’s
illegal actions in annexing the Golan (Syrian territory) and Jerusalem
(Palestinian) and encouraging settlements (even the US ambassador is a
Zionist settler). But please do not think news on CNN (Zionist flavor A) or
Fox News (Zionist flavor B) of Biden/Harris or Trump/Pense shenanigans as
somehow “new era”. This capitulation and betrayal of Palestinians has been
ongoing for over a century and that is why we have 7.5 million Palestinian
refugees (but the 13 million Palestinian natives will never forget or
abandon our country). We should recall the Faisal-Weizman agreement and
King Saud’s letter in support of Zionism (both in the first decade of the
last century). We should remember the British Balfour and French Cambon
declaration in support of Zionist colonization of 1917. We should remember
the fraud of 1948 when supposedly Arab leaders sent token soldiers to
Palestine and instructed them not to fight. There is nothing new under the
sun. All colonials do this.

We should remember the  1996 US Zionists document sent to then (as Now)
Israeli prime minister Netanyahu titled “Securing the Realm ” which talked
about propping friendly dictators in the Arab world and destroying
opposition from justice seeking countries. We should remember the (Zionist)
neocons”Project for the New American Century” founded in 1997 which talked
about toppling regimes in Iraq (happened in 2003) and in Syria, Iran (being
pushed now) and any others. The “Abraham deal” like “deal of the century”,
“road map to peace”  and hundreds of other schemes before them intend to
liquidate the native Palestinian rights. But it is not just Palestinians
who they want to sacrifice but also others for example the Zionist training
of US Police Forces (supported by Kamal Harris) intends to sacrifice black
lives end movements for social and economic justice to benefir the ruling
elites (Zionists and their stooges and friends in the nbillionaire class).
Stay tuned as Saudi Arabia Mohammad (Chainsaw) Bin Salman joins Mohammad
(butcher of Yemen) Bin  Zayed in normalizing with colonizers. We shall
return, we shall live in freedom and the future of traitors and oppressors
will be in the dustbin of history. Stay tuned.

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Stay Human and come visit us in (occupied) Palestine

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