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April is National Arab American Heritage Month

To Combat Harmful Political Rhetoric, Arab America
Pledges to Promote Positive Images
(WASHINGTON, DC) April 1, 2016-In the midst of the current climate of anti-Arab bias, as a result of the 2016 presidential election, Arab Americans are celebrating their heritage in hopes that all Americans will appreciate their contributions to the U.S. During the month of April, Arab America (www.arabamerica.com), the leading provider of digital media about Arab Americans, will celebrate Arab American Heritage Month via our website, television, radio and social media platforms.
Arab America celebrates the history, culture, and people that have been enriching and shaping American society for generations. The month of April is a special opportunity to enhance understanding of the nuanced and diverse aspects of Arab American heritage that is often forgotten or intentionally avoided by the media. Arab America will debut a new feature each day in April highlighting the culture and influences of Arab Americans.
Unfortunately, Arab Americans are exposed to mostly inaccurate or stereotypical images of themselves as a result of media bias, and more recently, discriminating political rhetoric vis-à-vis the current U.S. presidential campaign. “During this election season, the increased anti-Arab bashing has made our community a target for hate and bigotry,” said Warren David, president of Arab America.  “It is our intent to see a more balanced coverage of Arab Americans and their contributions during Arab American Heritage Month.”
Additionally, Arab America is combatting the racism directed toward Arab Americans through a recently launched social media campaign, Hummus Haters (#HummusHaters). By naming those who vilify the Arab American community as Hummus Haters, we can express our culture positively while showing intolerance to bigotry. We hope you will join us in our campaign to raise awareness of National Arab American Heritage Month and visit our website for daily information on Arab Americans and their contributions to U.S. society.
We encourage journalists, teachers, fellow Arab American organizations, and conscientious Americans to join us in our campaign to raise awareness of National Arab American Heritage Month and visit our website for daily information on Arab Americans.
About Arab America
Arab America is a national website founded with the purpose of reinforcing an accurate image of the Arab American community and the Arab World. Arab America’s mission is achieved by disseminating the latest news, up-to-date events, cultural and educational resources, and much more. With close to four million Arab Americans in the U.S., Arab America serves as a “bridge” bringing together all of our diverse communities.

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