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Commission of Detainees: “6059 Palestinians Kidnapped By The Israeli Army in 2014”

Head of the Census Department of the Palestinian Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, Abdul-Nasser Ferwana, stated Sunday that the Israeli army has kidnapped 6059 Palestinians in 2014.

The former political prisoner said, similar to previous years, that the arrests carried out by the army targeted all sectors of Palestinian society, with a dangerous escalation in the abduction and imprisonment of children.

“There hasn’t been a single day that did not witness the abduction of Palestinians,” Ferwana said. “On average, the army has kidnapped 505 Palestinians each month; approximately 17 a day.”

The arrests in 2014 rose by a %56 increase, compared to 2013, a %57.5 increase compared to 2012, and an %83 increase in comparison to 2012, the Palestinian official remarked, adding: “This clearly indicates a sharp escalation and increase in the number of arrests in the past four years.”

Ferwana also said that every Palestinian who was kidnapped and imprisoned by Israel was subjected to at least one form of physical or psychological torture, in addition to humiliation and abuse, either in public or in front of their families — an issue which constitutes a direct violation of International/Humanitarian Law.

Ferwana has called on all pertaining legal and human rights groups, as well as various media agencies, in order to highlight the detainees’ cause and the ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people, adding that detainees are subject to daily violations and assaults.

Arrests carried out by the army in 2014:

1. January: 360 Palestinians.
2. February: 317 Palestinians.
3. March: 377 Palestinians.
4. April: 355 Palestinians.
5. May: 390 Palestinians.
6. June: 800 Palestinians.
7. July: 750 Palestinians.
8. August: 620 Palestinians.
9. September: 580 Palestinians.
10. October 390 Palestinians.
11. November: 600 Palestinians.
12.December 520 Palestinians.

~Abd’ Al Nasser A. Ferwana

Former Detainee, Director of Statistics Department in the Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, and head of the committee to manage its office in the Gaza Strip.

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Email: ferwana2@gmail.com


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