Elections?: “Israeli” and US and more – Mazin Qumsiyeh

Millions of Palestinians were kicked out of their homes and lands and only
a fraction of those who remain under colonial rule are allowed to vote in
apartheid regime “elections” today (e.g. I am not). Meanwhile all Jews and
converts to Judaism who are given automatic citizenship “vote” to select
between parties that compete only on which of them will be more racist and
more damaging to the native Palestinians. The last remaining apartheid
colonial regime.


Meanwhile in the USA, Israel continues to not only meddle in elections but
directly shape them. Many Zionists are deep within the Democratic and
Republican parties and ensure mainstream media trashes those Americans
interested in a US foreign policy that helps the US not helps racist
Zionist billionairs likje Edelson and Bloomberg. The Israeli ambassador at
the UN Danny Dannon said that Bernie Sanders is an Ignorant fool and a
liar. Imagine if the Russian ambassador said this about the leading
candidate! AIPAC a hate and racist foreign lobby brags of its successes in
shaping the US foreign policy and getting the US to antagonize nations
ranging from Iraq and Libya to now Iran. It is not even registered under
the law that requires registration for groups advocating for foreign
countries. It is not “dual loyalty” – these racists have one loyalty to
Zionism. Many are already agents or helpers of the Israeli Mossad which
steels US government and corporate secrets and spies even on high level US
administration. To fellow US citizens: vote tomorrow and change the system.


A remarkable letter from Dr. Ruchama Marton published in British Medical
Journal on Israeli doctors’ complicity in torture:



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Julian Assange (16 million viewers): https://youtu.be/5rXPrfnU3G0


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