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[HumanRights] AIPAC and more – Mazin Qumsiyeh

We just had the Palestine marathon in Bethlehem (6000 attending). We also
had two field teams today: one near Yatta and one near Salfit. Rest of us
continued volunteering at the museum and greeted some marathon runners and
other visitors. Yesterday was a science and environment festival at Hebron
University. I have some students there doing research with us (including on
Yatta area biodiversity). Thursday was also Land Day where we Palestinians
work to defend our land from thieves who from the beginning of their
Zionist project wanted to get the land without the native people
(colonialism). The Zionists are acting in ways that will come back to haunt
them . Big ways like waging war on Islam and smaller ways like arresting
Omar Barghouthi and passing laws to punish other supporters of Boycotts,
Divestment, Sanctions (BDSmovement.net). Thus we continue acting positively
locally to resist the oppression while thinking globally.

Thinking globally, there is as usual some developments of interest (see
below) including a pathetic meeting of “Arab leaders” in Jordan who had
little to do other than delivering speeches about Palestine while bombing
Yemeni civilians and others. The rare one or two decent ones seem lost in
the US orchestrated line-up (against Iran!). Human rights, democracy etc
seem alien to most of those in power. So it is not surprising that Israel
felt emboldened enough this week to start a new colony on Palestinian land.

Nicki Haley and the rest of the trum team as you know is now openly in
collusion wit ethnic cleansing and land theft. Anyway, here is this week’s

On the resignation of a UN official after UN Chief Gutieres falls on first
hurdle by buckling to Israel-US



[This is not the first report that gets scuttled based on imperial-zionist
policy, a report on the devastation of Yemen by the bombings of Saudi
Arabia and its allies faced a similar fate]

Nicki Haley speaks at AIPAC (Israel’s lobby) https://youtu.be/rxgpUgNrfv8

Recorded important Conference in Washington about the Israel lobby (minute
20 and beyond are fascinating) https://youtu.be/7miCSw78btI

WATCH: Jewish Defense League activists beat Palestinian-American at AIPAC


The Truth Behind The Headlines https://youtu.be/S_Bjmzs2d-c

Good TEDx report on efficacy of non-violent resistance


Conference: ‘Promoting Peace  and  Upholding the Transcendent Dignity of
the Human Person in the Asia-Pacific Region’


Civil March to Aleppo http://civilmarch.org/

Stay Human

Mazin Qumsiyeh

A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home

Professor and (volunteer) Director

Palestine Museum of Natural History

Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Bethlehem University

Occupied Palestine



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