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Today is the anniversary of the Nakba (Palestinian catastrophe) which
started before the state of Israel was created and continues today. In
1948, 1.4 million Palestinians lived in 1,300 Palestinian towns and
villages all over historical Palestine.

More than 800,000 of the population were driven out of their homeland to the West Bank and Gaza Strip,
neighboring Arab countries, and other countries of the world. Zionists
managed to take over the lands from 774 towns and villages and destroyed
531 Palestinian towns and villages between 1948 to 1950 In that period
Zionist forces also committed more than 70 massacres in which more than 15
thousands Palestinians were killed. One of those Hayah Balbisi (18 year
old) was my mothers friend and class mate who was murdered in the village
of DeirYassin 9 April 1948. My mother remembers her and talks about her all
the time. Many survivors of the Nakba (including my Grandmother from
Nazareth) have since died but many including my mother are still around.
Ben Gurion’s statement that the old will die and the young will forget is
only half true. The young will never forget. Nakba commemorations are
everywhere and young people are even more determined to return than the
older generation. For more on this, please read my chapter on “refugees”
published in my 2004 book on “Sharing the Land of Canaan”:


Now two follow-up items: 1) I hope that my earlier message about Donald
Trump is not misinterpreted in any way as telling people to vote for him.
Obviously there is evil and there is larger evil. My point was to make sure
people understand that change does not come from voting but comes from
pushing politicians (who ever wins the election). Polls show Trump will be
a much eweaker candidate against Bernie Sanders (or anyon eels for that
matter) than Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately the decks are stacked against
Sanders or the Green Party Candidate Jill Stein. 2) On the video I shared
about the mseum, some 1650 people watched it (video at
https://youtu.be/BPhFLOsEIM0 ). Please share with others, spread the
message, and continue sending us feedback and donations (at
http://www.palestinenature.org/support-us/ ). Here is one reaction among
many that encourage us, the vounteers to keep going:

“…this video about the Museum is AMAZING!!!  It actually brought tears to
my eyes.  Yes, all the home demolitions are happening and the imprisonment
of children and the extrajudicial killings and the continual theft of land
and on and on…but also THIS is happening!  Life, hope, knowledge,
preservation, RESPECT are happening!  You give me so much hope and the
expressions on the volunteers’ faces, the students’ faces, give me hope.
No nation or army can kill that kind of hope–it’s too deep.  May God bless
and guide you always, dear Mazin, and I am going to send this email around
to everyone I know.  Can you give me an address or website where people can
make donations?  I want to make it as easy as possible for them.  I will
try my best to raise some funds.  This is beautiful work–not so much a
project as a ministry.  Blessings to all of you. Soumoud,” Vicki Tamoush

Review: Salman Abu Sitta’s, Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir ‘I
spent the rest of my life on a long, winding journey of return…”


There is still possibility of humanity everywhere. Israel prize winner
David Shulman explains why he decided to give the money from the prize to

Tayush https://youtu.be/TLKxtrJHd_s

UNESCO major resolution: Israeli occupation actions in East Jerusalem are
all illegal including its assertions of control over Buraq Plaza (Western
wall area which is Waqf land)



A liberal Zionist vocabulary guide


Palestinian reflections on Israel’s hysterical attack on BDS


Never Have So Many Cheered Such Vile Murderer: It’s doubtful there’s
another Western society whose racism is accompanied by such blood lust by
Gideon Levy


Here is why Trump will beat Clinton: 6 millions watched this tape showing
some of her lies and taht she will say and do anything to be in power (and
this is not mentioning her horrendous Palestine positions and in support of
ethnic cleansing)


The Israel lobby and the European Union: New detailed report shows how
racist Zionists work at high levels in Brussels and beyond. 700


Stay human

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Professor and Director

Palestine Museum of Natural History

Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
Bethlehem University

Occupied Palestine



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