[HumanRights] Palestinian in UK part 2 – Mazin Qumsiyeh

I am still on trains shuttling in the UK and just finished legs of the trip
in Scotland (Edinburgh and Glasgow). At the Edinburgh International
Festival, I was honored to be the first speaker at the morning manifesto
series (Raja Shehadeh will also do one). Below is my presentation/proposal.
The idea which was adopted encouraging diversity as a strength of society
to strengthen bio- and human diversity while recognizing inter connectivity
of all as a means of survival and harmony and peace in this beautiful
shared plant. I spoke in Newcastle today at an Amnesty International
Bookstore. We also visited and met with colleagues from many universities
(like Newcastle, Northumbria, Bristol etc) and other institutions (like
Edinburgh Botanical Garden, Literary and Philosophical Society, Hancock
Museum etc).

Like being transported in a time machine, I visited my Palestine of the
19th century. This happened because of my visit to the offices and the
archives of the Palestine Exploration Fund (PEF) in London. Maps, notes,
books, and journals. I joined as a member. PEF basically mapped every
village and town in Palestine, the first comprehensive scientific study of
its kind in the 19th century. Simply stunning collection. Ofcourse it is
also a challenge to the Zionist myth of a land without a people. Our own
research work proceeds on comparing 19th century findings with today’s. The
latest paper accepted for publication compares raptor bird findings and
changes over 150 years in Palestine.

Again thankful for generosity of all we met. For upcoming events, see

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Meanwhile it pains us that not many people are mobilized to challenge evil
deeds like the moves to annex occupied territories in India and Palestine,
horrors of oppressive regimes like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and incessant
propaganda that equates anti-Zionism (i.e. Work for human rights) with

Palestinian activist and scientist Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh discusses colonialism,
diversity and popular resistance ahead of Scotland visit


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Israeli-born US Treasury official, Sigal Mandelker,is at the centre of US

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Israel-born Treasury official is at the center of U.S. policies on Iran

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