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Massacres, BDS, and more- Mazin Qumsiyeh

I just returned to Palestine from the Basque Country, a European
country that is partly under French and partly under Spanish rule
(sort of like the Kurdish region). It was great to see the mountains
and to see open roads without checkpoints (it was not always like this
as the fight for Basque independence meant much similar conditions
just a few years ago before political agreements were reached). I
return willingly to a jailed community under an apartheid system and
daily assaults (home demolitions, displacement, judaization). It is
exactly where we find ourselves most needed and most alive. The staff
and volunteers at the Palestine Museum of Natural History – Bethlehem
University (http://palestinenature.org) have done an excellent job in
my absence of one week. My luggage hopefully will catch up with me and
it has many books I acquired for the museum. Please join us and help
(donating time and/or money would be good). Now for some collected
items related to human rights:

Today is the anniversary of Duwaima massacre (29 Octber 1948), one of
over 40 massacres committed by the Zionist colonial forces to drive
native Palestinians out of our country. I recommend the book by Ilan
Pappe “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” for those who want to know

And here is Sam Bahour reflecting on another massacre: One almighty
military order and 49 dead Palestinians


Palestinian universities on the front line by Sam Bahour


It is all about money. A report by Human Rights Watch details how the
colonial settlement enterprises are profiting from human rights
violations. https://www.hrw.org/report/2016/01/19/occupation-inc/how-settlement-businesses-contribute-israels-violations-palestinian

Both my parents died in 2005 dreaming of the day of their return to
Zarnouqa, their village. Never in their life did they abandon that
idea. I grew up calling myself a Zarnouqi, a villager from that
village erased from the face of earth by Zionist gangs in 1948. BDS
will make that, i.e. my return, possible!


Is this the legacy that you want to leave? Is this what you want South
Africa to be remembered for? — Choose Leigh-Anne Naidoo’s courage,
bravery and commitment to universal values of equality and humanity
rather than Ambassador Ngombane’s racism. Choose to stand up and be
counted in the struggle against Israeli oppression: today it is
actions like the women’s boat and BDS that show us all what solidarity



EU High Representative, Federica Mogherini, affirms the right to BDS.
The EU governments have still to bow to public pressure and obey their
own laws which is not to do business with countries that persistently
violate human rights.  To show you a glimpse of the Israeli response
to BDS, here are two wikileaks secret documents related to the issue
from Stuart Eisenstadt a Jewish Zionist lawyer who dedicated his life
to supporting Israeli government racism and apartheid policies.

About Eisenstadt https://www.cov.com/en/professionals/e/stuart-eizenstat

Wikileak documents:


Many wikileaks secret documents show “Israeli” attempts to drag the US
into endless wars (Iraq, Syria, next Iran) including through US
proxies/puppets like “Saudi Arabia” which is ‘deliberately targeting
impoverished Yemen’s farms and agricultural industry’. Increasing
evidence suggests Kingdom is not merely bombing civilians in
neighbouring country, but systematically targeting infrastructure
survivors will need to avoid starvation when the war is over. Robert
Fisk Middle East Correspondent 23 October 2016


And in Syria, the proxy war continues. “As the world rightly decries
the savagery committed in eastern Aleppo, in the west of the city
there is also suffering as ‘rebel’ shells rain down,” writes Robert
Fisk “There is a problem with the story I am about to tell you. It is
bloody. It is about the massacre of innocents – six of them, the
youngest a little girl of two – blasted to death by shell fire in


And Hillary Clinton promised to put a “no-fly zone” in Syria and
escalate the ongoing start of World War III.

Stay tuned  and

Stay Human

Mazin Qumsiyeh

A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home

Professor and (volunteer) Director

Palestine Museum of Natural History

Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability

Bethlehem University

Occupied Palestine



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