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Night in Gaza (Natt i Gaza) – Dr Mads Gilbert

In his new book Dr. Mads Gilbert shares his experiences from the war in Gaza 2014 through text and images.
While Dr. Mads worked at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza in July 2104, he always carried a camera in the pocket of his green medical scrub. In this book his pictures tell the stories of the people in the hellish war in Gaza, and about the Palestinian civilian population’s horrific suffering and death. But the book also tells the story of courage, perseverance and an almost incomprehensible commitment and morale among Palestinian medical workers, volunteers – and all the sorely tried community in Gaza, occupied Palestine, 2014.
NOK 20 from each book goes to The Prosthesis Workshop (Proteseverkstedet) in Gaza.

Natt i Gaza

Author: Mads Gilbert
Price: NOK 399.00
ISBN: 9788248916062

Gilbert has previously written the book Eyes in Gaza (Øyne i Gaza) in 2009 with his colleague Erik Fosse. The book has been translated to many languages.

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