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Why Trots (Trotskyites) are Rich like Zionist Jews and ISIS?

Anti-Imperialism or for Imperialism and Zionism

Why Trots (Trotskyites) are Rich like Zionist Jews and ISIS?

Adel Samara

Any time you hear the term Anti-Imperialism or a conference to anti-Imperialism, you must expect a Trot to be behind it! Trots (Trotskyite) still occupy this term despite of the fact that many of their leaders are in the US neo-conservatism, marketing US destruction of states, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Moreover, Trots are really rich with much (money) liquidity, i.e. before internet and face book transcends printed media materials, and Trots in the poor Egypt were spending a lot of money on publications!

In every place in this globe, Trots are rich! Why and from where? The same is ISIS which acquires huge amounts of money, tanks, cannons, ammunitions and logistics, from where?

It is strange as well that the Trots are allies with the Moslem Brothers, but at the same time they shout against the reactionary comprador regimes of the Gulf which are the ideological incubator and financer of Moslem fundamentalist terrorists.

In Egypt as well, Trots are the close allies with Moslem Bros, and support the same fundamentalist terrorists in Syria, Libya, and Yemen…etc.

It is difficult to understand how any Trot thinks and behaves, if you do not consider his relationship with Zionism and neo-conservatism. Most of Trots, who deal with Arab and, for sure Palestinian affairs, have hatred for Arabs and Palestinians. They hide that through their pretence that Marx and they themselves are against nationalism as chauvinism, while Marx’s position is the reverse as it is clear in Marx’s own writings, at least in the Communist Manifesto.  But, the truth is that they worry the fate of the Zionist Ashkenazi Regime (ZAR) -Israel.

Following the dismantling of socialist camp, many communists, especially those related to the previous USSR, gave up and became either social democrats or even religious. A lot of Aram ex-Marxists are now in the service of Saudi Regime!

Trots as rich and opposed to all Marxist currents, collude with neo-conservatism and jump to lead and even attract many renegades from the former Soviet current. Both are in harmony against Arab nationalism, either from Trots Zinoized position against Arab nationalism, or from the weak theoretical understanding of Marx’s writings on nationalism in the case of the renegade Soviet followers. The extreme attitude of both currents is against deep understanding of the national question which facilitates those currents betrayal to Arab nation.

It is a real irony that many Arab communists who theorize and argue against Arab nation and nationalism never differentiated between:

Comprador ruling classes’ pretense of nationalism, which is in fact “the ruling nationalism, the regimes” which are practically against any form of Arab unity.

And real nationalism, latent nationalism of the popular classes which believe in homeland, nation, unity and socialism.

Those Arab communists recognize a “Jewish/Israeli nation” despite of the fact that ZAR is a collected/recruited settlers from nearly one hundred nations, i.e. like the United Nations, but do not recognize Arab nation.
Standing against Arab nationalism ends as support of Arab Iqlimi regimes. Those regimes strengthen their rules by nourishing sects, politicized Islam, lineages…etc, which finally ends in a war between Islamic sects.

I call those terrorist Politicized Islamic Forces(PIF) which fight Arab republics for the sake and on behalf of US imperialism, the “Obama/US third army”. The other two armies are, the US army and that of ZAR. Those PIF are the most and closest allies with Trots Anti-imperialism!

My personal estimation and experience in my discussion with a lot of Trots and western leftists that a lot of those Arab communists are timid to act as believers in nationalism dreaming for respect and recognition from white communists, Trots and western left in general.

Following Iraq’s liberation of Kuwait, (2 August 1990) as it was the 19th district of Iraq, and later the US and its allies invasion of Kuwait and Iraq 17th of January 1991, a lot of western “Marxists, leftists and Communists” and for sure Trots celebrated that imperialist invasion. It was really astonishing how all those western leftists were enthusiastic in supporting that invasion.

A group of leftists decided to publish a book on that invasion. I wrote an article for that edited book on that Gulf war, titled “The New International Order’ (pp 259-271). Based on my knowledge of attitudes and writings of a lot of western left, I described that left as the secret and illegal “offspring” of secretary in bourgeois systems. Those offspring are hidden, but, when “parent” fall into crisis, they support him in the open.

A lot, nearly most of Arab leftist intellectuals support that imperialist invasion which rescued the escaped monarchy and re-imposed Subah family over Iraqi Kuwait.

The same collusion from the same left (Arab and western) has been repeated following the imperialist invasion of Libya 2011 and currently against Syria.

Trots in all those imperialist invasions were on the lead supporting those invasions.

Any reliable discussion on Arab situation must consider:

  • Arabs right of unity and socialism
  • The liberation of Palestine

Any analyst who ignores or rejects those two important components is “sick” of Zionism even more than imperialism.

The most direct example of this sickness is the Lebanese Salah Jaber (Gilber Achcar), who is the top name of an Arab left’s conference in Beirut full of topics like Anti-Imperialism.



I hope that the participants are not of the same orientation, i.e. anti-Arab. In fact, it is scandalous that most of Arab communists are talking, lecturing while their homeland is under destruction!!! They never fight in defense of their Homeland, but they did not stop talking?

This Achcar is really strange. I remember a meeting with him in Paris 1995. We were discussing Trotskyism for continuous twelve hours and he never agreed that Trots did any theoretical or practical mistake all their life and history!

He wrote recently,

“While his views may have changed since, in the late winter of 2011 Achcar described the Libyan rebels as a progressive force. “What unites all the disparate forces (of the opposition to Gaddafi) is a rejection of the dictatorship and a longing for democracy and human rights,” he said. (. Achcar, March 19, 2011)

He wrote a lot in favor of Turkish, Wahabi and NATO war against Syria.

The same is the case of a smaller Trot, the Palestinian Salameh Kela, who pretend that what is going in Syria is a “Proletariat Revolution”.

Another Trot, Muhamad Jaa’far (using other nick names, Samir al-Khalil, and Kana’an Makiyah) appeared at TV pegging G.W.Bush to invade his own country Iraq!

But the most strange and even silly is what has been written by the Russian economist Boris Kagarlitsky that: “The Libyan revolution is the most closer/similar Arab revolution to Bolshevik revolution or specially the French revolution” (By Boris Kagarlitsky, translated from Russian by Renfrey Clarke November 28, 2011 – Links International Journal of Socialist Renewal).

Boris Kagarlitsky might be fed by writings of a Palestinian renegade intellectual Azmi Bishara who was a Zionist Knesset member and left to Qatar. Bishara who was a close ally to Syrian regime and the Lebanese Hezbollah for twenty years changed dramatically following the so-called Arab Spring and support the invasions of Libya and Syria.

In fact, it is funny that I saw some line written by Slavoj Zizek that Bishara one of the best Arab philosophers! In fact, it is not strange from Zizek as a writer mixing Hegel with Marx and reproducing Lenin as idealist not materialist. When Bishara renegade from Marxism of the Soviet current, in a discussion between both of us, he declared himself Hegelian, but the Hegelian nationalist now is the consultant of Sheikh of Qatar, the US colony.

However, as well as I knew that “Links” is also a Trot paper. When Kagarlitsky wrote his piece it was in the line of Russian western integrationist ex president Medevdev at that time.


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