لا يزال قلب فلسطين ينبض من اليابان

كتب من اليابان الأخ غابي جمال: .لا يزال قلب فلسطين ينبض من اليابان. كان اخبرنا اصدقائنا اليابانيون في تحالف الجمعيات من اجل فلسطين في مدينة اوساكا اليابانية انهم يتواصلون مع هيئة حكومية يابانية ( جيترو) التي كانت قررت استضافة معرض اسرائيلي يروج للنبيذ الاسرائيلي وذلك لاقناعهم بان هذه المنتجات صنعت في المستوطنات وبالتالي في ارض محتلة وبالأمس صدر قرار من الهيئة الحكومية بالغاء استضافة المعرض الاسرائيلي. شكراً لرفاقنا اليابانيين الذين اعطونا درسا في معنى الكرامة واثباتا اخر ان المقاطعة تثمر اذا توافرت الارادة

* غابي جمال

BDS Victory!

Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) withdraws from event promoting Israeli and illegal settlement wine


Today, November 30, the Israeli embassy in Japan had been planning to hold «the Israel Wine Seminar» at the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Osaka office according to the embassy’s website, Facebook page and Twitter account. Currently the embassy’s website still lists the original planned event, including the list of the attending Israeli wineries, some of which are located in or use grapes from illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank or the Golan Heights: http://itrade.gov.il/japan/wine_2016/


When Palestine Forum Japan(PFJ) and allied human rights activists became aware of the event they called for protest action in front of the JETRO Osaka office at the opening of the event. At the same time, Palestine Forum Japan sent a fax to JETRO on November 28, demanding that they not provide their facilities for the promotion of illegal settlement businesses. Palestine Forum Japan also asked the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) to tell JETRO, which is under the jurisdiction of Ministry, to withdraw their participation from the event. On November 29, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry informed Palestine Forum Japan that the Ministry had «advised» JETRO of the significant legal and moral risks associated with promoting illegal settlement businesses as outlined by the United Nations Human Rights Council.


This morning JETRO staff called Palestine Forum Japan and informed us that JETRO would be withdrawing from the event and the event would not be going ahead at JETRO’s facilities, although JETRO staff refused to confirm that the decision was made in response to evaluation of the risks associated with doing business with illegal settlement enterprises. Members of Palestine Forum Japan confirmed the JETRO’s withdrawal from the event at JETRO Osaka office today. It is currently unclear whether the event was shifted to a new location or cancelled entirely.


Palestine Forum Japan appreciates the principled and sensible decision taken by JETRO and requests that JETRO adopt a clear policy in line with international law not to cooperate with the illegal settlement businesses and other businesses that support Israel’s illegal occupation.


We regard this move as a victory for the growing global BDS movement.


November 30, 2016
Palestine Forum Japan
Email: palestine.forum@gmail.com



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