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A short story for children -Ganna and milk – By Dr.Rafat Hamdona

Ganna is in the second grade of Beit Lahia Primary School.

She went with her father to the store to buy some milk.

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Her father asked the store owner to bring him four bottle of milk

Her father returned with the milk, but Ganna said:

We don’t want this milk, Dad.

The father was surprised and asked Ganna:

Why Ganna?

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This milk is not a national product, and it is not made in our factories, and I learned for my teacher when we visited  the milk factory in a school journey not to buy except the national products, and this is not national

The father was happy because of his daughter’s answer and her smartness, as well as her keenness to apply what she learned at school.

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The father returned to the store and replaced the milk bottles with a Palestinian national ones and bring a color box to his daughter as a reward for her attitude.

Ganna was happy with that reward and she began drawing and painting the Palestinian flag.


Ganna’s father went to the school and thanked the headmistress for their interest in education, ethics, culture, national education classes as well as their interest in educational lessons.