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Coming this evening interview with the Russian Anastasia Novikova

Nidal: Do you know something about Arabic cinema and films?  

Not much because I’m not sure where to see the Arabic cinema. I would if I had more information, because I’m actually interested in the Arabic culture.    

. If I had the chance to learn more about the Arabic cinema, I would.    

 Nidal: What do you think about Krakow film festival?   

  it’s a big festival, at least the biggest one I’ve been to. Our world premiere was in Hot Docs Toronto, a big Northern American documentary festival, but unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to go. But I was lucky not only to be selected but also to attend Krakow film festival. Unfortunately I haven’t seen many films because I had a lot of events to participate in, like the presentation of my own film, but I’m going to the winner’s screenings now and I’ll finally watch as many films as I can. The festival is very well organized and I the overall level of the films is high. In fact, for what I’ve seen I ‘m quite humbled by the company I’m in. There are some incredible directors in my competition.   

  Nidal: Maybe one day we invite you to Jerusalem to Palestine.

Maybe, one day.

Interview with the Russian Anastasia Novikova coming in English this evening.        

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