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DOK Leipzig’s Selection Committee is complete

With Ralph Eue as chair, five more film experts will decide on the festival’s Official Selection

The film journalist Carolin Weidner will be joining DOK Leipzig’s Selection Committee this year. Since finishing her film studies, Weidner has written for Spiegel Online and die tageszeitung (taz) as well as other publications. She became a board member of the German Film Critics Association this year. Weidner also works at the Institute for Art in Context at the Universität der Künste in Berlin. The Selection Committee, which from this year onwards, will be chaired by the film journalist, lecturer and curator Ralph Eue (a member since 2007), is now complete. Other first-time members are the filmmaker and media educator Leopold Grün (“Der Rote Elvis”) and the curator and film educator Luc-Carolin Ziemann who will join Weidner, Eue, André Eckardt (Filmverband Sachsen) and Zaza Rusadze (filmmaker, producer) in deciding which films are selected for DOK Leipzig.

“The Selection Committee is so varied and each member’s expertise is so far-reaching – I look forward to working with them on the Official Selection, our festival’s core,” says DOK Leipzig head Leena Pasanen. “Moreover, our team and the Selection Committee are very well established and have a wide-ranging international network – these are ideal conditions for discovering and promoting new talents in artistic documentary and animated film, as well as suitably acknowledging the big names.”

DOK Leipzig has been accepting entries (of films and interactive works) since 3 March 2017. Those which make the Official Selection will have a chance of being nominated for one of the festival’s six competitions and numerous other prizes.

Besides the Official Selection, the festival features several special programmes, so over 300 films will be screened between 30 October and 5 November 2017.

DOK Leipzig, the oldest festival for documentary and animated film, is turning 60 this year.

You will find short biographies of the six members of the Selection Committee here: http://www.dok-leipzig.de/en/festival/ueberuns/auswahl

You can find logos, festival impressions and further visuals here: http://www.dok-leipzig.de/en/dok/presse/download

Any questions regarding the press release? Maria Preußner| presse@dok-leipzig.de | +49 341 30864-1070

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