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Greece: what now? – by Moreno Pasquinelli

The arrogant outcry of many anti-euro people about a “great betrayal” concerning to the agreement signed by Tsipras government is irritating and risible.

They just take as valid the narration of pro-euro mass media which in their turn repeat and amplify the German version, that is intended to prove that the Greek government signed the terms of unilateral surrender. But it is not just that! It’s evident that they are so much blind with their conceit to point the finger at the victims and not at the torturers. The moral of the story is that, in their opinion, Euro-Germany scored a massive victory and, furthermore, the Greek matter would be closed, deleted.

I don’t think that the SYRIZA leaders, although they support Europeanism (we have to remember that the old SYNASPISMOS, the actual executive core of SYRIZA , in 1992 voted the Maastricht Treaty) can exclude to take the possibility of a breaking-off with of the Eurozone into account.

They hoped they could break up the Euro-German bloc but on the contrary they were cornered and found themselves isolated. They aimed at “changing Europe “ but their plan were proved to be ambitious and even impossible. Only a fool could think that from now to August the relationships inside European Union can change. They will not change. If those “staunch Europeanist” have ears, let them hear.

So what sort of “B plan” do Tsipras and Varoufakys have?

by Moreno Pasquinelli


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