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[HumanRights] when will this insanity end?

[HumanRights] when will this insanity end?

Mazin Qumsiyeh

A sadly familiar scene over the past two weeks here in occupied Palestine:
10 Palestinians (including a 7 and 15 year old) and three Israeli settlers
(16 – 19 year old) were killed. Dozens of Palestinian homes were demolished
in the past two weeks. Over 570 more Palestinians were kidnapped in these
two weeks making more than 6000 abductees languishing in Israeli
gulags/prisons. 1500 Palestinian homes invaded without due process. 12
million native Palestinians still await their freedom from colonial
occupation and displacement. And Israeli leaders are promising to “do more”
(genocidal mayhem?). But the question remains when will this insanity end?
Can it end by negotiations between occupied and occupier; negotiations that
have been going on for 22 years while Israel gets $12 billion profit every
year from its occupation? (that is not counting the billions from US

When will Israel be led by people like the previous speaker of the Israeli
Knesset Avraham Berg instead of  racists like Netanyahu. Listen to the wise
words of Berg:

“Here are Israel’s shallow prime minister and the bumbling police, the
masses who cling to futile prayers and not to a moment of human peace. Here
are the country’s hypocritical chief rabbis, who just a month ago demanded
promises from the pope regarding the future of the Jewish people, but in
their daily lives remain silent about the fate of the people who are our
neighbors, trampled beneath the pressure of occupation and racism under the
leadership of rabbis who receive exorbitant salaries and
benefits….Despite the enormous and inspiring success of Breaking the
Silence (an NGO that collects testimony from soldiers who’ve served in the
West Bank), our own total silence is still the loudest thing around us. We
are willing to go out of our minds over one odd and troublesome Pollard, a
lone kidnap victim or three kidnap victims, but we are incapable of
understanding the suffering of a whole society, its cry, and the future of
an entire nation that has been kidnapped by us. This, too, needs to be said
and heard during this moment of clarity — and as loudly as possible.”
“The Palestinians: A kidnapped society: We are incapable of understanding
the suffering of a society, its cry, and the future of an entire nation
that has been kidnapped by us” By Avraham Berg

And how about the inspiring and wise words of Catholic Patriarch Michel
Sabbah writing from Jerusalem congratulating Muslims on the start of

“We all are sectarian, Christians or Muslims. We all need to continuously
purify the faith in us to overcome the sectarian. The believer is one who
remembers God and sees all as his creation, So he worships God and respects
all his creation no matter any religion they are. ..He sees any other as a
brother or sister. The sectarian has strife in him and is distant from God.
He sees only himself or his family or his clan. … I hope that we all
become believers, and our faith overcomes all sectarian tendency.”

I am reminded of the good spirited picture someone shared on Facebook, a
family where the father carries a sign that said “I am Sunni”, the mother a
sign that said “I am Shia”, and the little girl carries a sign “I am
Sushi”. In another video I noted fraternizing between members of the Syrian
army and the opposing “Free Syrian army” that reminded me of 1914 when
opposing German and British soldiers disobeyed orders of their commanders
in WWI and decided to get together in Christmas and become friends. (see

The war mongers do not stop unless the people stop them. But at this moment is when we see candles
of light in this darkness being lit everywhere. Palestinians and Israelis
working together to achieve peace (e.g. Israeli and Palestinian association
of bereaved families).  A small group of activists including Jewish Voice
for Peace and Palestinian Americans recently managed to outmaneuver the
well-funded movement that hijacked US policy. These good people managed to
get the Presbyterians to divest holding in three companies that profit from
the Israeli occupation. The whole world is getting tired of this apartheid
 and is starting to shake-off the intimidation.

Netanyahu can only kill more people, can only create more false flag
operations. He has decided to speed-up the Judaizing of Jerusalem and
removal of its native people. He can work for what he calls “Kurdish
independence”. The US and Israeli governments can continue to try and fund
sectarianism and create divisions. They pursue the silly and dangerous
notion that creating other sectarian states will finally give legitimacy to
the “Jewish state” and its systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestine. They
produce few “successes” like strengthening the Mujahideen to remove the
soviets from Afghanistan or strengthening the “Sunni” Mujahideen to fight
the Iran/Shia Boogie man. But beware of the monsters you create and instead
try to create the peace that will be only based on justice. And beware of
the sophistication and power of people who are increasingly not buying all
your propaganda.

Peace in Jerusalem = peace on earth.

Ramadan Kareem to our Muslim Brothers and Sisters

And to all: Stay human!

Mazin Qumsiyeh

Bethlehem, Occupied Palestine
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