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Hummus for the Homeless: Ramadan 2016

Welcoming Ramadan and the Spirit of Generosity
Ramadan Kareem to our friends, family, 
and neighbors fasting during this holy month
(WASHINGTON, DC) June 6, 2016 – The month of Ramadan marks a time for reflection, cleansing, sacrifice, and charity for the Arab American and Muslim communities. As Muslims are called upon to refrain from food, water, negative thoughts, and harmful habits for 30 days, we offer our support to the community, as it endures what many people cannot.
While not all Arab Americans are Muslim, many Arab American Christians partner with their Muslim friends and neighbors to engage in the charitable message of Ramadan. This year, many Arab Americans are hosting donation events, giving to the poor, and welcoming community members to Iftar dinners that will contribute to refugee relief and other honorable projects.
As most already know, Muslims fast during Ramadan in order to remind themselves of those who every day endure hunger, poverty, refugee status, and unsafe living conditions. Giving back is a way of feeling empathy for those who are facing struggles, while reminding observers not to be wasteful and greedy.
“We wish our Arab America visitors ‘Ramadan Kareem’ as they fast during this spiritual month,” said Warren David, Arab America president. “Feeding the homeless provides an opportunity to lessen the suffering of humankind’s less fortunate. Not least, it is a time for assisting those who, at the end of the day, do little more than yearn to be recognized, to be respected, and to be acknowledged for their elemental worth – for their basic human dignity,” added Warren David.
Arab America Launches: “Hummus for the Homeless”
Arab America and Catholic Charities of the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, DC, will be providing “Hummus for the Homeless” every Friday during Ramadan at 5:00 pm (June 11, 18, and 25, or July 2). The event will take place in front of Arab America’s office in Washington, DC (916 G Street NW).
Supporters for Arab America’s 2016 Ramadan Campaign

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