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Imagine!! – Ameer Makhoul

Occupation is to feel very well with whatever your practices are.
It’s to feel that you can violate any of your victims’ rights without thinking of any guilt.
It’s to convince yourself that you are your victim’s victim
It’s to feel very well with additional 2 years arrest of PLC member Khalida Jarrar for no reason just because of her political liberation voice.
Occupation means to feel very well, satisfaction and even victory with the decision to ban Khalida from taking part on her beloved daughter Suha funeral, even not to let her just touch her daughter whom since two years has no permit to visit her mom in prison, just to take a look. Even not at one of the occupations’ checkpoints or occupation Offer prison nearby Ramallah. Even without taking into consideration that Khalida should be released in the coming months.
Occupation means that its media feel very well with their either silencing any public debate or making guilt laundry of such a criminal decision. It means that their court feels very well with the decision to ban Khlida. That the chief of prisons authority felt fine with the decision, she even did not feel any need to look at the mirror and to recognize that she is also a mother of daughters or children whom she loves. The mirror of the oppressors makes up their ugly occupation nature.
For the occupation, Palestinians have no feelings, no need to cry, and no right to take part in the funeral of their beloved persons. they don’t feel any problem with the fact that hundreds of Palestinian women still wait for years for the release of their children’s dead bodies who were killed by the occupation?. The Palestinian woman has no right to cry, she has no right to bury her daughter or son.
For the occupation, the sadness of Palestinian political prisoners should be imprisoned also, while any tear should drop down under the eyes of the prison officers. This would make them feel very proud of their sovereignty.
In fact, this is not the occupation per ci, this is Israel. These are practices of colonial settler entity who violates the whole entire international humanitarian law.
Make your voice laud to criminalize the decisions to ban PPP from taking part in their beloved family persons. Make your voice consider such Israeli practices and hard torture and a war crime.
In any case, the colonial settler-occupation among Palestine will never defeat Kahlida soul, they will never defeat my people soul, or stop the march for freedom, but your voice is always needed.
Free Khalida Jarrar
Free Palestinian Political prisoners in the Israeli Jail

Ameer Makhoul