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Martyr dawn, the teen Mohammad Abu Khudeir: Rashad Abu Shawwer : – Translated by Adnan Abdelal

Translated upon friend (Nidal Hamad) request:

Martyr dawn, the teen Mohammad Abu Khudeir: Rashad Abu Shawwer : – Translated by Adnan Abdelal

Many media sources circulated during the third week of March,2009 photos for occupation soldiers dressed in T shirts stamped on them photos for dead Palestinian children and their mothers crying over their graves and a gun pointed towards a child and photos of destroyed mosques of bombing. Another T shirt is stamped with a photo for pregnant Palestinian woman with a circle on her abdomen says ” with one bullet kill two”, another T shirt with a photo for a very little child with his crying mother beside his body saying “It’d better used a condom”!!! Friday noon, 04/07/2014 a crowded funeral for the teen martyr Mohammad Hussein Abu Khudeir from his parents house to the quarter of his village cemetery where he was buried in, the quarter where he lived till the dawn of the first day of the holy month of Ramadan where some terrorist colonialists kidnaped him to ends of Diryasin village, tortured him then burnt him alive with a cold blood full of hatred to Arabs, Palestinian, and humanity..

Who burnt this young martyr didn’t committed that ugly crime for a personal act…

Please read my what I’d started my article about the Zionist culture, thoughts, and believes, though I know that you know this truth, but for memory refreshment: What those bustard colonialists did is a real reflection to the entire spirit and the principles created that Zionist state…

Their founder ” Hirtzil” in his book ” the Jewish state” showed the real face of the Zionism which more bad than the Fascist and nazis and is based on his apartheid thoughts towards Arabs and Palestinians through his Genocide program which has been leading the whole system of the occupation state ” politicians, army, security wings and colonists” in order to uproot the Palestinians, killing them, and jailing others who spending their lives in the genocide prisons..what’d happened to this martyr wasn’t a reaction for the murder of three bad colonialists, colonialists had been always attacking the Palestinian people, kidnaping children, storming houses, uprooting olive trees and other farming lands, polluting water, flooding farming lands with sewage water, spreading fear and terror among the Palestinians while the whole world keep silence..

They’d been violating UN, security council’s resolutions as theses resolutions weren’t issued for their crimes.. They’re protected, supported military, financially, by media of the USA which hadn’t hesitated yet to use the Vito for any resolution condemning the Zionist state.. Killing and burning the martyr Mohammad alive and throwing his renaming body at Diryasin forests was previously planned to and includes many massages such as:

As we’d burnt many of you in Diryasin we’ll continue killing, burning all of you until you all leave this country….

We got your massage which followed your brutal propaganda from all levels including extreme Rabbis spreading a crazy calls for killing Arabs (Palestinians), firing them out, confiscating their lands, and constructing more colonies…. It’s a genocide state established by force and upon a fake story by the UK and supported by USA, don’t forget the ongoing financial compensations from Germany, in addition to military support such advanced tanks, submarines, and other advanced weapons to kill the Palestinians..

They’d been blackmailing the consecutive German governments for a big lie they created.. What happened didn’t fear the palestinians, they gathered thousands, elderly, youngs, girls, women, and went forward gathering the remanning burnt body of Mohammad under the burning sun, fasting except of the full anger which becomes a real uprising in the faced of the occupation along Jerusalem streets and Shuafat quarters and not far from the dawn martyr Mohammad’s grave.

Those colonialists thought their crime will go unseen or unpunished or it’ll plant the fear inside the Palestinians, on the contrary, this savage crime unified them from jerusalem to all West Bank cities and villages with Gaza, Lebanon camps and our people in Europe and the whole world where there is a Palestinians. Words to be said to those killers, no peace with criminals, Oslo deal died, no way except the resistance.. This’s the language they understand…

Previously, Diryasin massacre and other massacres committed by the Zionist gangs hadn’t kill the Palestinian will and insisting for resistance and blew up with a revolution against the occupation, generation after generation, revolution will not stop.. And now the revolution generation of the dawn martyr is uprising now and will burn the occupation..

Our Palestinian people is able to differentiate between the supporters and the enemies who are involved in eliminating the Palestinian case and busy with supporting deferent Islamic groups to destroy the Arab countries in a favor to USA and the Zionist state…

It’s not a Palestinian who raised his weapon and fights others especially in Syria Palestine except those fighting in Palestine which is the real Jihad land…our Palestinian people is in front of a critical stage, the resistance and our national unity is the only way and solution to defeat the occupation and not the weak reconciliation.. We’d invest the uprising of our people, supporting and protecting it from any distortion or any detouring trials to surround this revolution.

.05/ 07/2014..

Translated by Adnan Abdelal on 06//07/2014.

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