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PROGRAM 2014- Film fra sør , Festival Guide for 2014

It’s that time of year. Nature changes its colors and the evening darkness comes earlier. We light candles inside and wrap ourselves in warm scarves outside. Fortunately, there are many bright sides even to the dark season, and best of all: autumn equals Films from the South! Whether you are a regular festival-goer or it´s your first time at Films from the South, we hope you´ll have some wonderful October days filled with great movie experiences. Below we have compiled some tips that can guide you through this year’s Films from the South.

Av Gunhild Sølvberg 6. okt 2014


During the elleven days of festival we offer a goodie bag with over 90 films. You can purchase tickets to one film at the time, but if you are planning to see more than four films, we recommend that you check out the discount card or festival pass. Information about this can be found here.

Planning is half the fun 

In this year’s program you will find all kinds of films from Asia, Africa and Latin-America; movies that will make you sad, happy, angry, curious or blissful. Both online and in paper form, you can find out more about the various films and events that soon will fload Oslo’s movie theaters. This way you can create your own optimal trail of movies.

There are multiple views per film, so when your colleague bragged about something he saw on the screen the day before, or if you get a tip off Twitter, well, then just look it up in the program and reorganise your plan. Plans are made to be changed!

From A to B 

Note that one film can be screened in different venues at different times. Are you planning to see two movies in a row and notice that you might be short on time between the two?  Check if it is possible to reorder your plan. That way you can stay calmer in your seat without risking entering the next theatre after the second movie starts. We highly recommend city bikes as the fastest and most eco-friendly way of getting around town.

The program provides information about viewing location and duration, while you can check the websites of the public transport routes online.

Savor your favorites 

Have your favorite director released a new movie? Are you planning to check out a new genre that you have heard great things about?

Either way it is a good idea to grab tickets to the movies as early as possible – this also applies if you have a festival pass! The following events are among those who are “at risk” of being filled up early:

– Opening film Wild Tales, a black comedy from Argentina. The film was one of the favorites at this year’s Cannes festival. Made by Daniel Burman, who is often compared to Woody Allen.

– Closing film Jodorowskys´s Dune, Frank Pavich´s highly anticipated documentary about “the greatest movie never made”. Believe the hype! Pavich and Jodorowsky will engage in an artist talk beforehand.

– Screenings where you get to meet directors are often popular, naturally enough. There are several of these, an overview can be found here.

– Anime and manga fans will probably rise to the occasion and fill the theatres during the Mangapolis Day on October 12th at Filmens Hus.

… and your favorite seat 

Screenings have unnumbered seats, so if you want your you favorite spot, we recommend you to get there in good time. Also remember that there is little advertising before the screening, so the films normally start at the announced time.


With the hashtag #filmfrasor and #ffs2014 you can share your festival experiences, comments and photos in social media. You will also find suggestions, the latest information and we-look-forward-to-messages from others and us. Text, tag and share ☺

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Hungry or thirsty? 

Do not watch movies on an empthy belly, this will seriously castrate your experience! Remember to fill up with energy in between screenings. Whether you go for a quick snack or a longer meal, there are several alternative close-by. With the festival pass you get the following discounts on these eateries:

25% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at Posthallen Restaurant in Prinsens gate.

25% off a small or large plate of pinchos with potato chips at Spiseriet in Kino Victoria in Ruseløkkveien.

20% off on food and coffee at Café Mesh in Tordenskiolds gate.

15% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages at Mammas Pizza in Dronningens gate.

10% discount on food and non-alcoholic beverages in Filmkaféen at Filmens Hus in Dronningens gate.

A soundtrack you can dance to 

There is a lot of sitting down during a film festival, but that makes it even nicer to shake those dance moves afterwards! We hope to see you at the openingparty at Seeds on October 9th and at the closing party at Filmens Hus at October 18th, and welcome you to chat about films or just dance the night away. Note: Remember to keep the cinema ticket – it serves as admission.

Do not hesitate to ask! 

Feel free to chat with our volunteers during the festival. They can also help you if you have any questions. You can find them at the cinemas and at Filmens hus, dressed in the festival’s red t-shirts. You can also reach us at info phone 954 56 110, on social media or via e-mail info@filmfrasor.no.

We wish you a wonderful festival experience!


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