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In solidarity with the people of Greece

Dear friends and comrades,
Below is a sign-on statement initiated by Palestinian youth in Europe expressing solidarity from Palestinians with the Greek people against the austerity measures pursued by the European Central Bank, International Monetary Fund and European Commission, and in support of the popular movement that rejects austerity, imperialism, racism and oppression. I encourage you to sign on by emailing: PalestinianGreekSolidarity@gmail.com or using the online form:  http://bit.ly/PalGreekSolidarity
In struggle,
نرجو توقيع هذه العريضة تضامنا مع الشعب اليوناني الصديق في مواجهة البنوك الالمانية و السياسات الاوروبية التي تحاول فرض هيمنتها وسطوتها على مقدرات وثروات الشعب اليوناني. اننا نقف الى جانب شعب اليونان ونضاله العادل من اجل سيادته واستقلاله وحماية بلاده من النهب والتدمير . ان الشعب اليوناني الذي كان دائما مناصرًا وصديقًا لقضية شعبنا العربي الفلسطيني وقضايا الامة يحتاج منا اليوم الى اعلان وقوفنا وكامل تضامننا مع نضاله وحقوقه الطبيعية والمشروعة. 
This statement was initiated by Palestinians in Europe, in solidarity with the people of Greece, as part of the international movement standing with the Greek people against austerity and injustice. We invite all Palestinian individuals and organizations to endorse. To endorse, please email PalestinianGreekSolidarity@gmail.com or fill out the form: http://bit.ly/PalGreekSolidarity



We, the undersigned Palestinian individuals and organizations, express our solidarity with the people of Greece. On February 11 and 15, hundreds of thousands of people will take to the streets in Greece, Europe and around the world to demand an end to the European Union’s policy of austerity that has subjected the Greek people to economic devastation, forcing millions into poverty and over one-quarter of the Greek working people into unemployment.



The Troika of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission has imposed a policy of destruction on the people of Greece. The people of Greece have repeatedly taken to the streets, and once again in the January 2015 Greek elections, have made it clear that they reject austerity, oppression, injustice and racism; that they are demanding radical change, social justice and the right to determine their own future.





As Palestinians, we face powerful forces – including the European Union and the United States – that have ensured the dispossession of our people for over 66 years. Settler colonialism, Zionist racism and imperialism have devastated Palestine. Today, we face an occupation and an apartheid state that is backed by the same colonial powers who seek to impose austerity upon the Greek people. International financial agencies like the IMF have attempted to dictate our future; our people are under siege with the full collaboration of the EU and international agencies.



Our voice must be heard, with that of the people of the world: we stand against imperialism, oppression, austerity and injustice, from Palestine to Greece. We are also part of and stand with the movements against austerity across Europe and all over the world, including in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland and elsewhere. We demand justice for the Greek people and an end to the austerity policy. The Greek people are demanding their rights – this is what they expressed through their vote. It is through the power and strength of the people, and the social movements they have built, that real radical change can be accomplished.



We urge our community and the movements of solidarity with Palestine to join the global demonstrations on February 15 to stand with the Greek people. Every victory for the Greek people, every victory for justice and liberation everywhere in the world, is a victory for Palestine.



To endorse, please email PalestinianGreekSolidarity@gmail.com or fill out the form: http://bit.ly/PalGreekSolidarity




The undersigned:






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