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The Potential of Chaos – DOK Neuland is dedicated to disorderly circumstances

The DOK Neuland sujet is an illustration of a bowl filled with lots of small double switches. The bowl is almost tipping sideways, water is spilling over.

The Potential of Chaos – DOK Neuland is dedicated to disorderly circumstances

“Chaos Is a Condition” is the title of our Extended Reality exhibition that will open its doors from 26 to 31 October at the Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig (MdbK), inviting visitors to discover and define new boundaries in film.

A total of ten XR works produced in 15 countries will be presented, including four 360° films and six VR experiences. Based on the observation that the pandemic has upset the usual expectation of control and order everywhere in the world, the exhibition raises the question of what potential lies within chaos.

No Chaos, No Change

“Last year, we observed a heightened longing for clarity and the ability to control things,” say curators Lars Rummel and Marie Hinkelmann, “but the world is constantly changing anyway. So we realised that the apparent normality that people are longing for is the greatest illusion of our existence. However, where uncertain circumstances prevail, there is also the potential for new creative energies and the emergence of resilience.”

Using the slogan ‘No chaos, no change’, the exhibition seeks to embrace the chaos and sees it as an opportunity for developing new strategies for engaging with the world. Therefore, a scenography has been created that turns the exhibition space into an experiential place where visitors can examine their individual relationship to chaos.

Opening Hours

DOK Neuland is open from 26 to 31 October on Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday, 12 noon to 6 pm, and on Wednesday, 12 noon to 8 pm. We offer a special time slot for accredited guests on Tuesday and Thursday to Sunday, 10 am to 12 noon. Admission is free for everyone.

For the First Time: Available Online

We are happy to announce that – besides the exhibition on-site – we will also present the DOK Neuland works worldwide online in collaboration with HTC Vive. Everyone interested and equipped with a VR kit can dive into the VR experiences on the platform Viveport from 26 October to 14 November. During this time, the 360° films will be available as well – on our Youtube channel.

Discover the selected works