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#Walktopalestine – Benjamin Ladraa

This was my sleeping place last night. I feel pretty tired, it was a rough night. It’s my birthday though so I thought I’d make two wishes. Firstly I wish for freedom and equality for all and that the international community would enforce the law. That UN resolutions would be enforced, especially number 242 that calls for Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and that Israel would start respecting the genevea conventions, especially the one forbidding an occupying …power to transfer its civilian population onto the occupied terretory.

In a world ruled by violence this is much to hope for though. As we know “power concedes nothing without a demand. Never has and never will” This implies that there will never be progress without struggle so my second wish is that each and everyone of us looks in the mirror and asks in what way he/she can be a part of the struggle that will bring about a world where everyone can live decent lifes.