Where we see hope coming from – Mazin Qumsiyeh

So my family did not have Christmas; normally 12 days ending in Christmas
day on 7 January by Eastern calendar. Trump’s decision that gave Israel a
green light to kill, injure, and jail many of our friends was one reason.
Another was a death in the family, injuries and other problems in my
family. But getting together in times of difficulty is strength and

The news and events in the past three weeks give us much to think about
both good and bad. We learn from leaked documents that “leaders” in Egypt
and “Saudi” Arabia worked hard to cooperate with Israel and the USA to
“contain” the ramifications of Trump’s decision in a very negative way.
Diverting attention to attack Iran and others in the axis of resistance
while instructing their media cronies to downplay the effect of what Trump
just did by violating international law. The new book about Trump being
hyped by Democrats in the US has revelations that the Democrats and others
do not want to talk about. For example that the bigger collusion between
the Trump team was with Netanyahu and Israeli right not with Putin and that
Trump and his team still brag about putting Mohammad Bin Salman in position
of power in the kleptocracy of “Saudi Arabia”. The former caused the
killings of countless civilian Palestinians and the latter caused the
killings of countless Yemeni and Syrian civilians.

The Israeli regime having a Trump Green light also felt emboldened to
kidnap more Palestinian children and adults (many of my own friends). And
even the UN Security Council just dismissed the pathetic attempt by the US
government (via Israeli puppet “Nikki Haley”- not her real name) to create
more mayhem by focusing on “right of protest in Iran.” When a reporter
asked a US spokeswomen about right to protest in Palestine against Israeli
occupation she was lost for words!! Land of hypocrisy indeed.

When I report like this about factual events and send links documenting
them, many of the thousands of readers right and ask about where we see
hope coming from. Well, let me start with the fact that we got really good
rains Friday and Saturday and farmers (including us) saw the wheat, barley,
peas, and other sprouts growing. Spring is coming. Our Friends Nour Tamimi
and Yousef Sharqawi are out of jail (on bail). If anything they are more
determined. People resist around the world. We had massive demonstrations
in the past three weeks (still ongoing) in hundreds of cities and towns
around the world both against Trump’s violation of international law and
for freedom for all imprisoned Palestinians.

The good news is that people are taking stands: either for freedom or
collaborators with apartheid, racism, and state terrorism. Egyptian
collaborator with Israel was faced with outrage in the hall where he
thought he would speak safely (in Tel Aviv). Palestinian Christians
confronted the convoy of the treasonous head of the Greek Orthodox Church
(who sold our Church lands to Zionists) on his way to Bethlehem and could
have completely prevented him from getting to the nativity. However the
Palestinian security services protected him (injuring many protesters
including some of my relatives) and Palestinian “president” Abbas greeted
the traitor and sat next to him. SHAME!

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Mazin Qumsiyeh