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A full list of the 57th KFF laureates

The full list of the winners and awarded films.


Having watched all the competitive films the International Documentary Jury consisting of: Paweł Łoziński – Chairperson (Poland), Cíntia Gil (Portugal), Miroslav Janek (Czech Republic), Marek Rozenbaum (Israel), Julia Teichmann (Germany) has decided to award the following prizes:

THE GOLDEN HORN for the director of the best film – Pero Kvesić for the film DUM SPIRO SPERO (Croatia)

For the author of a film who shows us beauty of life and love, finding the courage to deal with one’s own mortality in a humorous and dignified way.

THE SILVER HORN for the director of the best medium‑length documentary film – Audrius Stonys for the film THE WOMAN AND THE GLACIER (Lithuania, Estonia)

For a unique and poetic approach to documentary film making. This film is an experience of contemplation and silence where movement, time, life and death become the elements of our inner landscape.

THE SILVER HORN for the director of the best feature‑length documentary film – Lissette Orozco for the film ADRIANA’S PACT (Chile)

For a film in which the young director tells the story of a family with a secret as dark as her country’s latest history. She shows that for each one of us revealing the truth and dealing with it is a matter of personal courage. She lets us partake in her internal struggle and fascinating process of purification from the difficult past.


For a touching story about complex family relations rendered visible using the modest form of a family album.

SPECIAL MENTION for Piotr Stasik for the film OPERA ABOUT POLAND (Poland)

For an interesting artistic marriage of genres which produced a film rebel child.

The FIPRESCI (International Federation of Film Critics) Jury consisting of: Barbara Głębicka‑Giza (Poland), Antti Selkokari (Finland), Kaj van Zoelen (The Netherlands) has decided to award the International Film Critics Prize to Audrius Stonys for the film THE WOMAN AND THE GLACIER (Lithuania, Estonia), a film that has the refreshing audacity to use cinematic language as its main tool of expression. Without the need for words the film shows human insignificance in the majestic setting of nature.

KFF Recommendation to the European Film Award:


Having watched all the competition films, the International Short Film Competition Jury consisting of: Agnieszka Smoczyńska – Chairperson (Poland), Mario Micaelo (Portugal), Géza M. Tóth (Hungary), Álvaro Yebra (Spain), Giedrė Žickytė (Lithuania), has decided to award the following prizes:

GOLDEN DRAGON for the director of the best film – Matteo Gariglio for the film EN LA BOCA (Switzerland, Argentina)

Cinema can elevate an everyday life situation, such as the one of a family living in the neighbourhood of a football stadium, to something that acquires a universal meaning with a profound sense of humanity, touching for the audience. For its realistic and respectful portrait of the intimacy between all the family members living in what may be considered the most dangerous and poorest conditions.

SILVER DRAGON for the director of the best documentary film – Tessa Louise Pope for the film THE ORIGIN OF TROUBLE (The Netherlands)

For courage to pose painful questions and open up about her own personal story, using simple methods to portray complex family relations.

SILVER DRAGON for the directors of the best animated film – Zbigniew Czapla for the film STRANGE CASE (Poland)

For its personal and brilliant approach to the rotoscopic animation technique and to the exquisite relationship between the text and the rhythm of paintings made alive.

SILVER DRAGON for the director of the best short fiction film – Kaveh Mazaheri for the film RETOUCH (Iran)

For a poignant portrait of a woman who has to face the choice between life and death, freedom and captivity in the world where no rights exist.

Jury Award for the Best European Film (nomination to the European Film Award in the short film category) – Matteo Gariglio for the film EN LA BOCA (Switzerland, Argentina)

The International Federation of Film Societies (FICC) Jury consisting of: Samiran Biswas (India), Eva Campos Suárez (Spain), Sylwia Hamerska (Poland) has decided to grant the Don Quixote Award to the film RETOUCH directed by Kaveh Mazaheri (Iran) and the Special Mention to the film THE ORIGIN OF TROUBLE directed by Tessa Louise Pope (The Netherlands)


Having watched all the competition films, the International DocFilmMusic Jury, consisting of: Gitta Gsell – Chairperson (Switzerland), Alessandro Battaglini (Italy), Antoni Komasa‑Łazarkiewicz (Poland), has decided to award the following prize:

GOLDEN HEYNAL for the director of the best film – Till Schauder for the film WHEN GOD SLEEPS
(USA, Germany)

Out of the ten loud, emotional and inspiring music films, all of them set in a social context which offers depth and insight into different genres of music, we were blown away by the emotional impact of the film ‘When God Sleeps’ by Till Schauder. A touching story, combined with the lyrics of the songs and the suspense and rhythm of the film, helped to create a masterful piece of a music documentary which pulls you in from the beginning to the end. This kind of cinema is intimately close to the characters and enhances the atmosphere of the music. Every story we saw is related to the sense of artistic and existential alienation, but ‘When God Sleeps’ manages to cut to the core of it in every aspect. It gives voice to the universal artist’s condition through the portrait of a unique personality. The so-called Salman Rushdie of rap music, Shahin Najafi is not only a refugee singer but also an ultimate artist, ready to risk his life to remain on stage and perform. We watch him up close, while his talent and courage become an unbearable burden for him and his closest ones. Even though Shahin Najafi is the main figure in the film, all the people involved in the story have their own voices. This balance enables us to see everything from a variety of perspectives. We would love this award to be the starting point for a long series of successes worldwide.


Having watched all the competition films, the National Competition Jury consisting of: Dariusz Jabłoński – chairman, Wojciech Kasperski, Marta Pajek, Dorota Segda, Krzysztof Spór has decided to award the following prizes:

GOLDEN HOBBY‑HORSE for the director of the best film funded by the President of the Polish Filmmakers Association – Grzegorz Szczepaniak for the film THE UGLIEST CAR (Poland)

For depicting the relationship between a son and a mother, touching and full of warm humour, in the tender journey in the most beautiful vehicle.

SILVER HOBBY‑HORSE for the director of the best documentary film – Grzegorz Brzozowski for the film STRANGER ON MY COUCH (Poland)

In appreciation of a colourful and wise story about the encounters of people from different worlds, which is transforming both for the characters and the audience.

SILVER HOBBY‑HORSE for the director of the best animated film – Zbigniew Czapla for the film STRANGE CASE (Poland)

For engaging us into a visually captivating kaleidoscope which reveals the truth about our helplessness when confronted with the immensity of life and our own imperfection.

SILVER HOBBY‑HORSE for the director of the best fiction film – Damian Kocur for the film NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN (Poland)

In appreciation of an evocative and unique story about loneliness, rejection and hope for sharing intimacy with another human being.

SPECIAL MENTION – Jakub Radej for the film DUST (Poland)

In appreciation of an analytical portrait of passing, which, under mundane activities, hides a profound secret of the loneliness of those facing life’s end. In the overwhelming emptiness left after a man, we can see the reflection of our own face.

The Award of the Polish Filmmakers Association for the best film editing – Ziemowit Jaworski, Michał Marczak and Katarzyna Orzechowska for the film Zhalanash (dir. Marcin Sauter)

Maciej Szumowski Award for remarkable social awareness funded by the National Broadcasting Council – Monika Meleń for the film BY STANLEY FOR STANLEY

The Award for the best short and documentary films producer in Poland funded by the Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber of Commerce (KIPA) – Anna Gawlita from Kijora Film for films: OPERA ABOUT POLAND (dir. Piotr Stasik) and FESTIVAL (dir. Tomasz Wolski, Anna Gawlita)

Best Cinematography Award under the patronage of The Polish Society of Cinematographers funded by Coloroffon Film – Tomasz Wolski for the film FESTIVAL


THE REBEL SURGEON, dir. Erik Gandini (Sweden)


Having watched all the competitive films, the Student Jury consisting of Kamila Jankowska, Paweł Kamiński, Natalia Klejdysz, Jędrzej Kościński, Małgorzata Kramek, Katarzyna Kuca, Paulina Richert, Katarzyna Panas, Marzena Pitek, Katarzyna Popiel, Bartosz Tesarz, Magdalena Urbańska has decided to award film THE UGLIEST CAR directed by Grzegorz Szczepaniak (Poland).


Sound Mind Award – for the project of the film Last stop is the Moon, dir. Birute Sodeikaite, prod. Likaon Sp. z o.o., ART SHOT, National Audiovisual Institute



HBO AWARD – for the project of the film LESSON OF LOVE, dir. Małgorzata Goliszewska, prod. Warsaw Film Center – Anna Stylińska

KRAKOW FILM CLUSTER AWARD – for the project of the film THE WHALE FROM LORINO, dir. Maciej Cuske, prod. Pokromski Studio (Mikołaj Pokromski)

DOK LEIPZIG SPECIAL MENTION – for the project of the film THE GRADUATE, dir. Adrian Apanel, prod. Furia Film (Małgorzata Małysa)

EUROPEAN DOCUMENTARY NETWORK SPECIAL MENTION (EDN) – project of the film TRANSFER, dir. Joanna Rożen, prod. Plesnar & Krauss Films (Maria Krauss)


KRAKOW TECHNOLOGY PARK AWARD – for the project THE WIND. A DOCUMENTARY THRILLER, dir. Michał Bielawski, prod. Telemark (Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kępińska)

INSTITUTE OF DOCUMENTARY FILM SPECIAL MENTION – for the project of the film WEI®DY, dir. Paweł Dyllus, prod. Dyllus Film (Paweł Dyllus)

DOC LAB POLAND AWARD for the biggest progress during workshops – Diana Kadłubowska and Krzysztof Kadłubowski for the project TODAY, TOMORROW… YESTERDAY