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A new visual identity for The Freedom Theatre



After ten years, The Freedom Theatre enters a new chapter. We mark the beginning of our second decade with a new visual identity. It is the outcome of a process of internal reflections on our identity and how we communicate it to the outside world.


We chose a mask to keep with the traditional theatrical theme that has been a feature of our past logos. The right eye and nose together make up the word “free” in Arabic, to be a constant reminder of the core of everything we do as well as the liberation of Palestine that our work is contributing to.

The bold, thick lines give the mask a strong feel and the neutral expression symbolises The Freedom Theatre as a space that is filled with the creativity, expression and emotion of everyone involved in it.


A muted red is our primary colour, because to us, it represents our strong, bold and inspirational persona. Green and a mustard yellow symbolises our environment and our roots.

We are grateful to Amadeus Malmen, Azaa Ali, Emma Långström, Felipe Fiuza, Genny Rumancik and Porfirio Lopez at Hyper Island who did such a wonderful job with helping us develop our new visual identity! 

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