Day of Return” on May 15

Day of Return 2022 

Definitely we shall return 

Dear Friends and Member of GCRP, 

As we all prepare to commemorate the “Day of Return” on May 15, corresponding  to the 76th anniversary of what was called the “Nakba”, which we at GCRP are  working to replace in our literatures with the term “Day of Return”, rejecting the  negative implications carried by the concept of the “Nakba”, and encouraging the  meanings of initiative, responsibility, solidarity, organized actions, along other  positive meanings of the concept of “return”. 

Out of our belief in the inevitability of liberation and the return of every Palestinian  to his homeland, and the restoration of sovereignty and rights; we chose the slogan  “Definitely, We Shall Return” as a title for this year activities. 

There is no doubt that the coincidence of the “International Quds Day” in the last  week of Ramadan, with the approaching commemoration of the Day of Return, adds  important perspective to this year activities, in light of the serious threats that Al Quds and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are exposed to. 

The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine calls upon you to show your solidarity  by organizing various events, cultural seminars, art exhibitions or any other activity  that helps in enhancing the interest of the world in the right to return of the  Palestinian people, with the adoption of a common activity, which is to put up “road 

signs” wherever possible in main squares and streets of the cities in which you live.  The sign shall indicate the direction of Al-Quds city and the distance to it from the  place of the sign, and we will attach a model to illustrate the idea. 

We hope that you provide us with your suggestions for commemorating this  occasion. Also, we ask that you share pictures and videos of your activities with us  to be published on the GCRP pages and social media platforms. 

Best regards, 

The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine