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Zionist Entity is a Strategic Investment for the West, by Dr. Adel Samara

Zionist Entity is a Strategic Investment for the West

Not Protected by Nuclear Weapons,

But by the Normalization of 57 Arab and Islamic Regimes

 Dr. Adel Samara

Occupied Palestine

After imperialism created, funded, and armed the Zionist Entity – especially since the British colonial army handed over in 1947 all its camps, tanks, and fighter planes to the Entity in Palestine, which was the British military command headquarter for the so-called Middle East – after all this, and even after the 1948 Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe), the entire West, both major powers and small states like the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland, a heaven for stolen and laundering money, continued to support the Zionist economy.

Estimates by economists suggest that 35% of the Zionist entity’s gross domestic product is provided by foreign aid. From an economic standpoint, remittances from state citizen workers working abroad to their country can be described as rent to their own country because they transfer remittances that are not produced within their country of origin even though the labor force that produced it is originally from the same country. Those workers who are working in other than their country also provide the country in which they work in, i.e. exploited by that country which squeezes from their labor power surplus value in the form of rent because the labor power which produces that production that surplus value is not local, this means a complex, mixture of both rent and surplus value transformed finally to money liquidity.

The Zionist economy stands out in having a very high percentage of its income coming from foreign rent. Economically speaking, the transfers from workers of a country working abroad can be described as rent because it is an income not produced inside the country. Similarly, the wealth of a country, such as natural and historical endowments like pyramids or oil for instance, can be described as rent as it is a raw material not produced by the country’s workers.

However, the Zionist economy enjoys a flow of rent as financial aid not from its citizens but from countries and international organizations, reaching approximately 35% of the Zionist economy as noted above. This means that it is practically a dependent economy despite its enormous size compared to its numerical population, which is less than ten million people. This economy reached a size of $488 billion by October 7, 2023.

One cannot overlook the financial flow that the Entity has been receiving since October 7, 2023, with reports suggesting $14 billion in US government donations. This has made the markets function as smooth as possible. However, the regime’s promise of compensation remains insufficient as long as the war continues in its second month. The Israel Bonds institution, based in America, has also become active as a guarantor for the Entity’s treasury bonds, encouraging the purchase of the Entity’s government bonds.

Nevertheless, this means that the Entity is a strategic investment for imperialism in the Arab Homeland, meaning it is a very profitable investment and its income highly transcends the Western support to the Entity. To illustrate, all forms of remittances, donations, and compensations from the United States and Germany to the Entity from 1948 until 2010 reached about $200 billion. We do not know the details and sizes of other forms of support from the rest of the West for instance foreign investments flowed to the entity, totaling $104 billion immediately after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, all in one event.

US Two Parties Race to Support

The race between the two US parties is on who supports the Entity more.

A few days ago, The Times reported that the Biden administration is seeking congressional approval: “… for unilateral consent to future sales of military equipment and weapons—such as ballistic missiles and artillery ammunition—to Israel without notifying Congress.” Thus, “the Israeli government will be able to purchase up to $3.5 billion worth of materials and military services in complete secrecy.” And who knows complete secrecy may entail a degree of exemption or complete exemption.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said in his tweet on November 8, 2023

“Israel is our stronghold… It’s akin to having an aircraft carrier in the Middle East. This is our oldest ally. If Israel disappears, Russia, China, and the BRICS+ countries will control 90% of the world’s oil, and this would be a disaster for American national security.”( S p r I n t e r X @SprinterX99880).

To call Arab oil as world oil, not the Arabs’ oil is really rude and strange! This means that the Arab Homeland is a colony, a part of America to the extent that this is considered Arab wealth as part of American national security! Is there a clearer example of this colonial announcement? It is the annexation of the Arab homeland to America!

Warren Christopher, the former US Secretary of State, described the Entity with the same meaning thirty years ago, prompting Ariel Sharon, the former Zionist War Minister, to say, “America needs us more than we need it.”

Consider the following for comparison: Just weeks before the start of her second term as the Speaker of the House in January 2019, Democratic Representative Nancy Pelosi was recorded on video at a forum sponsored by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, where she declared:

“I have told people when they asked me – if the Capitol building collapses on the ground, the only thing that will remain is our commitment to helping, and I don’t even call it assistance – our cooperation – with Israel. And this is fundamental to what we are about.”

Even with the strange tone of exaggeration, Pelosi’s statements reveal the type of thinking that still dominates official Washington. That won’t change without a deep, massive movement that refuses to disappear. “One thing will remain, and that is our support for Israel.”


 (Source: Israel’s Military Is Part of the U.S. War Machine BY NORMAN SOLOMON NOVEMBER 9, 2023

Israel’s Military Is Part of the U.S. War Machine BY NORMAN SOLOMON).

Even with the consideration of bizarre exaggeration, Pelosi’s statement reveals the mentality that still dominates official Washington. The situation won’t change without a massive popular movement that rejects subjugation.

On the other hand, Shimon Peres, the former Prime Minister of the Entity who imported the Dimona nuclear reactor from the French enemy, always advocates for the Entity to achieve a state of self-sufficiency or independence from the West, regardless of the feasibility of the proposal. There has been speculation since the rise of the Zionist religious alliance to power in the Entity that there is disagreement or objection from the West, especially the United States, towards the new Entity’s authority. However, it became clear that it was a “dispute in interpretation” rather than a difference in stance and beliefs.

Therefore, American sources reiterate that such a simple tactical dispute does not shake the strong fundamental alliance between the two countries, which is secured by a 10-year deal guaranteeing $38 billion in U.S. military aid to Entity/Israel, presented by former U.S. President Barack Obama. Now, with the ongoing massacre in Gaza, Washington is rushing to provide an additional $14 billion in military aid.

US former president Bill Clinton paid the Entity $10 billion as a loan guarantees to settle nearly one million settlers brought from the collapsed USSR to the Entity under the condition that the Entity authorities would stop the expansion of its settlements in the West Bank. At that time, I was an economic consultant for UNRWA Income Generation Project in Jerusalem, we tasked 30 field officers who were locals and internationals to determine if the Entity expanded the borders of the settlements or not, all their reports confirmed that the Entity did not stop settlements expansion.

Pictures taken on October 24, 2023, show that the military shipment was directed from Travis Air Force Base in California to Ramstein Air Base in Germany and then to Israel. To present a more accurate picture of the truth, the first U.S. military cargo plane to arrive in the Entity after October 7, 2023, had landed at a U.S. military base in Jordan and was then transported to the entity itself. A Jordanian official responded strangely to criticism of this Jordanian act by saying, “The plane took off from a U.S. base in Jordan, not from the Jordanian Army bases!” as if the U.S. base in Jordan is part of California!

I don’t believe that Peres or any other leader in the Entity relied solely on nuclear weapons protection because nuclear weapons in all its generations were used once by US imperialism against and after Japan’s submission in WWII. It is not for aggression and perhaps not even as a deterrent. If it can deter Arabs militarily, it cannot feed this settlement, the Entity i.e. it cannot force world countries to trade or even donate to the Entity if there is a central Arab state controlling the nation’s wealth and boycotting those who support the Entity. This is what we call the “political intimidation mechanism driven by economic interests.” Does not the world revolve around economics? Why do leaders of many third-world countries kneel in any vote in favor of imperialist crimes, especially covering up the crimes of the Zionist Entity? Is it not because they are dependent, poor, and indebted on the one hand, and have joint capitalist class interests on the other?

As for the Battle of October 7, 2023 by Hamas fighters, it proved that a small force, with very traditional and modest weapons and a doctrine of belonging, not just loyalty, can neutralize nuclear power. This forced the West to rush to the region with armies, politicians, and intelligence agents to protect the Entity again, even if with nuclear power.

We have affirmed multiple times that the West, in particular, rushed to rescue the Entity because the West started panting after the BRICS bloc, which surpassed it in production, market penetration, i.e., international trade, and even the transportation companies that carry Russian oil to India are no longer subject to the restrictions of American and Western insurance companies in general. Moreover, America’s grip on Latin America and Africa is loosening, meaning there are no longer regions open to Western plunder except the Arab world and perhaps Islamic countries. This is what prompted Robert Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi to boldly speak about the interests of American capital in the occupied Arab Homeland! As for Vanderline, she came personally to declare her open support for the Entity’s mass killing of Palestinian civilians! Thanks to the progressive Greek economist Janis Vairoufakis, who cursed her with what she deserved.”

To conclude, two things can be deduced from the argument of this article:

Firstly, what the Entity has achieved in terms of colonial interests for the entire West in the Arab Homeland outweighs financially what the West provides to the Entity.

Therefore, the Entity is a strategic investment for imperialism, a base armed to its teeth. Thus, when the entity was defeated in 1973 and again in 2023, the West, especially America, jumped to the occupied Palestine to protect what so called in the past the base of imperialism in the Arab Homeland a step confirming that the base has become a protectorate, a burden on the West. Our argument confirmed by Robert Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi’s declarations mentioned above

Secondly, the real guarantee for what Shimon Peres dreamed of, that the entity does not need the West, is normalization with Arab regimes, what I have called for thirty years “the Entity’s integration into the Arab homeland as dominant.” The vague resolutions that were declared by the Arab/Islamic conference on 11 November 2023 confirm that not nuclear and not American support is able to protect the Entity but the Arab/Islamic capitalist regimes normalization with the same Entity.

The results of the conference of Arab and Islamic countries on November 11, 2023, confirm what we are saying because the decisions of this conference did not go beyond the scope of demand and plea. This in itself confirms that at this low level of the position, the 57 leaders of Arab and Islamic regimes have presented the Entity with a victory to compensate for its defeat on October 7!

Therefore, cutting the ties of normalization and cementing the boycott are the tactical weapons for the struggle in the transitional period between the deteriorating Arab situation and the necessity of overthrowing the Arab regimes, which means the crystallization of the central Arab state, which uproots imperialism from the homeland. At that point, the Entity shrugs its shoulders in surrender, and achieving this surrender is possible, whether temporarily through fighting or by achieving the following:

•        The inevitability of the Arab project and Arab popular unity, as the popular movement following October 7 has proven that the spirit is not dead, but the spirit must be armed with more than just a voice, that is, turning the voice from an intangible substance into a leading party, mind, and rifle.

•        The overthrow of terror and intimidation by these Qutri (a regime against Arab Unity) regimes and the dismantling of the repression and security apparatuses of these regimes.

•        The overthrow of all Qutri regimes to cement the divorce between the popular masses and ruling official regimes and classes.

•        Restoring the street, the masses from the forces of the terrorist Politicized Islamic Religion – PIR.

•        This necessarily includes uprooting imperialism from the large Homeland